Sunday, August 16, 2009


Syvilla Thompson is a little girl that the Clermont County Child Service have stolen away from her home and her family. This incident began in May of 2008 when CCCS came to her home and removed her with no warrent from any Judge or any court. CCCS has been involed with her for over a year now. Syvilla's grandmother has had physical custody and guardianship over Syvilla for most of her life. CCCS had advised her grandmother to search out a place of residence for herself and Syvilla to live; whereas, She has done as advised and secured a three bedroom townhouse, in compliance with CCCS' request. As a result of the grandmother being in compliance with CCCS, the agency has now had the legal guardian, Syvilla's grandmother, in juvenile court no less than six times within the past year.

At one point, CCCS had even informed the Grandmother that she would be awarded permanent custody of the child only to have their home illegally invaded by CCCS and have the child stolen away. The Bethel Chief of Police, having escorted CCCS to the residence of the child and Grandmother, did not even investigate the matter to assure that the agency was in compliance with the laws and procedures for seizure of minor children by the state agency. Again, the agency produced no valid warrant or court orders for the removal of Syvilla from her home with her grandmother. Why is it that such agencies are permitted to bend, break and abuse the law to satisfy their own lust for power and control over innocent people?

CCCS knows that they have broken several laws regarding this case and they are now trying to cover up their illegal actions by trying to fabricate falsifications regarding the grandmother and other family and friends who are involved in this case. CCCS has even made false statements as to the grandmother having received funding for the care and upkeep of Syvilla; monies that she indeed has never received from the state or this agency for such support. Why is it that the CCCS cannot produce any copies of cancelled checks or any other form of payment that they have alleged to have paid the legal guardian for the care and living expenses for Syvilla? How can agencies such as this be permitted to abuse the laws of Ohio to satisfy their own acts of illegal child abduction without proper procedure?

Has anyone else experienced similar problems such as this with Clermont County Child Services? Please repond to this blog and share your experiences with us here. No names will be published without express consent. We have a lot more evidence against CCCS, which will be published as time follows. There are a number of people working on this case and writing and re-writing posts here. So, please be patient and check back often for any updates or additions to this posting. These people will eventually be brought to Justice for their inappropiate actions here.

Syvilla has recently been placed with a family, selected by CCCS, who live in the Clermont County area. The child is not permitted to be allowed outside to play, as normal children her age should be. When she goes to school, the school system has been instructed to not allow the child to be unsupervised or out side to play with the other children for fear (by CCCS and the foster family) that Syvilla may be taken out of this environment and rejoined to her proper family. This being the case, if CCCS had not done anything improper to remove this child from her former residence and family, why should there be any concerns by the agency or foster family that Syvilla be taken back to her former lifestyle and residence?

Had CCCS had the proper authorization to administer this seizure, there would be no legal grounds for anyone of any party to be able to place this child in a potentially harmful environment, such as her real family is supposed to be to her. Syvilla has never been in any danger whatsoever with her grandmother and other family members. She was being properly fed and clothed and provided with adequate housing to meet her needs. She was, at one time a happy child, playing and growing normally as children should be permitted. Now, with CCCS involved, Syvilla is living a miserable life only because some state agency has made false allegations regarding the child's welfare. No wonder there are so many teen and adloescent suicides; agencies like CCCs should not be permitted to bend laws and abuse the rights of our children to suit their own needs. When all is said and done, there will be some of the people, if not all involved, brought up on state and federal charges of illegal child abduction through improper channels.


According to the attending physician, Syvilla's diagnosis is that Syvilla is a healthy 9 year old child. This report was submitted in March of 2009. The report also stated the Syvilla has a good support network, good sense of humor, family and friends' support, the ability to engage and these qualities will be used to expand her use of support.